Namibian Sprinter Christine Mboma official back in the race

Christine Mboma

Namibia's rising track star, Christine Mboma, has been granted approval by World Athletics to recommence her participation in the 100-meter and 200-meter events. This decision comes after the successful completion of treatment to lower her testosterone levels to meet the legal limit set by the governing body at 2.5.

Botha and Mboma

Henk Botha, Mboma's coach, enthusiastically confirmed this milestone to NBC, expressing his anticipation for Mboma's much-awaited return to the track. Botha highlighted Mboma's dedication and readiness to compete at the highest level once again.

The sprinter's temporary suspension stemmed from World Athletics' regulations pertaining to testosterone levels among female athletes. However, with her levels now within the prescribed limit, Mboma is poised to exhibit her exceptional speed and prowess in the upcoming events.

Marking a significant step forward in her career, Mboma is set to make her comeback in April next year, where she aims to dazzle audiences with her remarkable athletic abilities.

This development signifies Mboma's resilience and determination in overcoming obstacles, setting the stage for an eagerly anticipated return to the international track and field circuit.

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